Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Will the Real Enemies of Liberty Please Stand Up!

Those who wave the rainbow flag of
"marriage equality" seek to deprive us of our freedoms
This last election saw ballot initiatives to permit gay “marriage” approved in Maryland, Maine, and Washington. Moreover, earlier in the year President Obama officially come out in support of gay “marriage,” while a ruling from a federal appeals court last August declared that the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional, paving the way for gay “marriage” to potentially become legal in every state. 

If gay “marriage” is legalized, will this mean anything for Christians living in America, or will it only affect homosexuals? Will it create more freedoms or less?

According to many thinkers who have studied the issue—Christians as well as unbelievers—the answer is that introducing gay “marriage” will affect Christians and that it will not bring more freedom. Rather, it will bring more government control.

In an article published earlier this week with the Colson Center, I have provided some resources to show why this is the case, and why those who advance same-sex 'marriage' are the real enemies of liberty. I encourage all Christians to read these resources and familiarize yourself with the implications that same-sex “marriage” could have for America. Equip yourself to make the case against same-sex “marriage” when people around you bring it up, as they increasingly will in the days ahead.

To read my article, click on the following link:

Will the Real Enemies of Liberty Please Stand Up?

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