Monday, October 19, 2009

Ruth Gledhill questions the Equality Directive

Ruth Gledhill, the Religion Correspondent for The Times , raised the following concerns on her blog about the EU's new Equality Directive.

The Roman Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland along with most other Christian groups are upset about the new European anti-discrimination directive. 'Homosexual groups campaigning for same sex marriage may declare themselves offended by the presentation of the Catholic Church’s moral teaching on homosexual acts; Catholics may declare themselves offended by a ‘Gay Pride’ march; an atheist may be offended by religious pictures in art gallery; a Muslim may be offended by any picture representing the human form,' warn the Catholic bishops. 'It is not clear whether ‘goods and services’ would apply to the activities of a Catholic priest, if, as recently occurred, he were to refuse to take a booking for a Church Hall from a group of witches.'

Will an Anglican or a remarried divorcee be able to sue a Catholic priest who denies them communion? Will women be able to demand access to Mount Athos? Where will this leave men-only clubs such as the Garrick? Will the Church of England and Roman Catholic churches lose their exemptions under present equality laws and be forced, in the case of the former, to consecrate women bishops and in the case of the latter, to ordain both women priests and bishops? Will women priests presiding at Blackburn be able to prosecute the Dean and Chapter for discrimination and making them feel 'tainted'?

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